Our team at WORLDSPORT work closely with the event organisers and suppliers for each event listed, however this does not mean we are limited to these events. Please send us an email with the info on the event you are interested in and we will let you know how we can assist.

When booking online, you can make payment by either Visa or Master Card or you can select the EFT option, whereby a provisional booking is made for you and you then have 24 hours to pay and secure your booking.

Yes, once you have added a service or product to the cart, the information is saved, you can then continue shopping and adding any other services you require. At any stage, just click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the website and the details of your selection will be displayed. You can then remove any unwanted items, update your shopping cart and finalise the booking.

The online booking system will automatically send you an email listing the booking details. We will also send you an email closer to the actual event re-confirming all the details of your reservation including any applicable reservation numbers.

Each event is different and often use different suppliers so this will depend on the event, the location of the event, etc. the details are usually listed on our website in the booking process. As a general rule, you will need to drop your bike off at least 5 days prior to the event, so please bear this in mind when planning your next event – but this is subject to change per event.

Yes, of course, the facilities available on our site are open to any athlete/rider and their respective partners/supporters.

At WORLDSPORT we’re all about convenience. Our specially tailored “Team Packages”, however, have limited changes or choices you can make. These are clearly evident when making your bookings. The options we give you should cover all travel eventualities but if you do come upon something that you specially need us to do, that’s when we’re just an email away from assisting you directly!